And no way to capture in a few words the phenomenon that is Mary Jo Bang, the instructor who led our poetry workshop. A glimpse at our poems through her eyes was a revelation. She saw us in our work better than we see ourselves.

I am a new poet.

Life-changing experience at the Tucson Festival of Books Masters Workshop 2018. There’s no way to summarize how valuable and inspiring these past 2.5 days spent with so many talented poets, writers, and master instructors, as well as the wonderful Director Meg Files and her team, have been.

📚 Heading to the Tucson Festival of Books soon. I’m at The Writers Studio Tucson booth for an hour to talk about my experience in their workshops and then I’m attending workshops and talks by Nancy Kress and Billy Collins.

🎵 I cannot listen to “Le jardin féerique” by Maurice Ravel (used to devastating effect in Call Me By Your Name) without my heart physically hurting me. And yet I keep listening to it. It’s so achingly beautiful.

I recently read Shekhinah (1984) by Eleanor Wilner and attended her reading at the UA Poetry Center; now she’s one of my favorite poets. Her poetry is full of vivid images, movement, and care. Review📚

Rest in peace, Ursula K. Le Guin. I love The Left Hand of Darkness, but before I read that novel, I loved her short stories, including “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” and “Buffalo Gals, Won’t You Come Out Tonight.” I continue to learn so much from reading her work. 📚

An exciting emerging discipline in astronomy: Exotopography! Here’s a YouTube video from Cool Worlds about the initial research:

Exotopography YouTube Video from Cool Worlds

Finished Moby-Dick, a really odious and offensive book because of its racism and gory slaughter. There was also much I loved about the book. Very difficult but rewarding and eye-opening reading experience. Review 📚