• @tracydurnell Virtual co-working sounds so interesting. Built in accountability, for sure, with other people around. I'd like to try some time tracking techniques, too. Sounds like you've found what works for you!

  • @garo Wow! That image looks so good framed. Do you mind if I share this post/image with the HiRISE team? This is so cool.

  • @garo That's amazing! Which image did you print out? These images are so gigantic and have such great detail. A blessing and a curse when it comes to processing them, lol!

  • @uncertainquark Wow, awesome! I love hearing that people are seeing our images. Mars remains such a fascinating world.

  • @tracydurnell Thanks! Trying to find what works is difficult. It might not even be the progress bar that is motivating me now; I just enjoy updating my website. Did you find other useful ways to motivate yourself?

  • @jean Here's the link: www.uahirise.org We're getting ready to release our next batch of images tomorrow.

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